About Us


We provide a full range of ambulatory veterinary cover for Cattle, Sheep, Goats and Pigs. We also have a strong focus on preventative medicine reflected in the following services we provide:

  • Herd Health Planning for Dairy and Beef herds and Sheep flocks.
  • Routine Dairy Herd Fertility Visits. The Practice uses lightweight, portable, battery powered, high resolution scanners and all vets are trained in scanning for pregnancy and treatment of non cyclers.
  • Interherd Computer Software for full analysis fo reproductive and production data.
  • Mastitis Investigation and Advisory Service, including monthly reviews of SCC data using NMR herd companion and interherd reports.
  • Lameness Investigations and Prevention Plans.
  • Foot Trimming.
  • Nutrition Evaluation and Monitoring, including on farm assessment of bunker management, body condition score, dung quality, and production figures to computer software analysis of the ration and metabolic blood profiling of cows.
  • Bull Breeding Soundness Examination. Pre mating evaluation of bull fertility and semen quality, to maximise breeding efficiency for dairy and beef suckler bulls.
  • Farmer Education Courses. Foot trimming and lameness courses are held several times a year depending on demand.
  • Artificial Insemination Courses. The Practice is one of a small number of practices in the country authorised to provide AI training courses and has run successful courses for several years.
  • Laboratory testing. In house analysis of blood for the metabolic profile of sick animals.
  • Poultry and Game Bird Work. Several vets at the Practice have experience in diagnosis, treatment and prevention of avian disease.