We provide a full range of on-farm veterinary cover, for all farm animal and smallholder species. We also have a strong focus on preventative medicine, reflected in the following services:

  • Herd and flock health planning for cattle and sheep
  • Routine fertility visits. The Practice uses lightweight, portable, battery powered, high resolution scanners and all vets are trained in scanning for pregnancy and treatment of non-cyclers
  • Regular analysis of reproductive and production data
  • Medicine audits to Red Tractor standard
  • Mastitis investigation and advisory service
  • Lameness investigation and prevention plans
  • Foot trimming service with our portable hydraulic crush
  • Nutrition evaluation and monitoring, including on-farm assessment of bunker management, body condition score, dung quality, and production figures to computer software analysis of the ration and metabolic blood profiling of cows
  • Bull & Ram breeding soundness examination, with full semen analysis using electro-ejaculator equipment
  • Post-mortem service either on farm or at the practice
  • Regular courses for farmers on subjects such as foot trimming and lameness, artificial insemination and medicine storage and correct use
  • Laboratory testing. In house analysis of blood for the metabolic profile of sick animals
  • Game bird veterinary medicine
  • Poultry veterinary service. Cedar is a ‘chicken friendly’ practice
  • Embryo collection, transfer and preservation
  • Fetal gender scanning
  • Livestock and food Exports
  • We also care for farmers dogs, cats and horses (Please note this is only microchipping, worming and vaccinating).

Muzaffarābād Whilst most of our work tends to be on farm, we also have room at the practice to examine and treat smaller or more handleable animals if you are able to transport them and bring them to us.